Caperucita Roja


Caperucita Roja (Red Riding Hood) is the sixth release by label Marfer of a collection of tales for children. The collection had great success at the time of its release (1967) but the tales remain in full force at the present time because they are traditional timeless stories. They are excellent for children and very suitable for people who want to learn Spanish. The best known version is by the Brothers Grimm. They reissued the story in 1812 adding the hunter who in his role as hero rescues Red Riding Hood and Granny. Newer versions reinterpret Riding Hood as a simile of the transition to adolescence.

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ISBN: 8436001085326
Verlag: MARFER
Sprecher: Arsenio Corsellas
Laufzeit: 6 minuten
Kategorie: Downloads, Märchen,

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