Beyond Lies the Wub (Unabridged)


In "Beyond Lies the Wub", the crew of a spaceship buys a "wub", a large pig-like animal from a native martian to eat on the way home. The Wub turns out to be a sentient being capable of intelligent conversation, empathy, and possibly telepathy and mind control. When a crew member converses with the remarkable Wub, the captain makes a rash and violent decision that could put the return mission in danger.

2,99 €

ISBN: 9781520089591
Verlag: Dreamscape Media
Autor: Philip K. Dick
Sprecher: Chris Lutkin
Sprache: Englisch
Laufzeit: 22 minuten
Kategorie: Downloads, SciFi,

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(Posted on 16/07/2015)


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